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Motherhood Meets Leadership

The Josi Dumont Podcast Features Jena's Take on Modeling Change

I joined my first podcast hosted by the incredible leadership and mindset coach, author, vegan body builder, and cat-mom, Josi Dumont.

We talked about the pressure that conservation, climate, and social impact leaders face, and how to:

·      balance motherhood and leadership,

·      model the change we want to see in the world,

·      take things one day at a time, and

·      how I suck at (and am getting better at) feedback.

Giant thanks to Josi for her bravery and voice. Check out Episodes 1 and 2 for her story, and her tips on tackling imposter syndrome.

You can find Josi on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube.

Please like and subscribe to ALL her channels. She has amazingly thoughtful and powerful content, and is THE BEST COACH and go-to source for insights on navigating personal leadership, breaking barriers, and leading your life authentically.

Listen now:


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